The Oticon Dynamo is available in 7 colors to match to your skin or hair color.

Oticon Dynamo

Newest Power Hearing Aids Provide Better Speech Understanding and Small Size Options for People with the Most Severe Hearing Losses

For people with the most severe hearing losses who rely heavily on their hearing aids, even the smallest advances in technology are well worth the wait.  Yet despite the potential for life-enhancing benefits, some still hesitate to make the change from older technologies because they are concerned that adjustment to a new hearing solution will be difficult.

Oticon Dynamo and Plus Power, two just-introduced “power” hearing aids, offer a wealth of new benefits designed to improve quality of life for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.  They also feature a unique Personalization process designed to ease transition from old technology to the solutions’ innovative new performance benefits.

“New Dynamo and Plus Power are the first power hearing instruments to feature the ultra-fast Inium Sense sound processor and BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon’s innovative “brain first” approach that recognizes hearing happens in the brain,” explains Holly Rose, Au. D. of International Hearing Systems in Dover, DE. “The powerful technologies allow me to finely tune the new power solutions to match each wearer’s unique hearing profile and sound preferences. Dynamo and Plus Power then deliver the clearest sound possible to help the brain make sense of sound. Wearers enjoy better speech understanding and  a more natural listening experience.”

A Clear, Detailed Sound Picture

The Oticon Dynamo offers a number of impressive technology breakthroughs, including the ability to access more of the important details of everyday speech “conversation.

“The nuances of speech are preserved so that Dynamo wearers benefit from a very full sound experience even in challenging listening environments,” says Dr. Rose.

Big on Power, Small in Size

Oticon Plus Power is the world’s smallest power BTE solution. The sleek, compact power solution, designed for people with severe hearing loss, offers more power than other style options in the Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 families.  

Dynamo and Plus Power feature wireless connectivity to enable wearers to easily connect to phone calls, music players, mobile and computer chats, podcasts, TV and more.  “There is even an App for smartphones, which excites many of our patients,” says Dr. Rose.

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