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Oticon Alta2

Premium hearing, premium style, new technology for 2015!

The Oticon Alta2 s built on the new Inium Sense platform.  It provides users with premium listening performance and can be adjusted to the individual's listening preferences to make the most of your hearing situation. Based on the new VAC+ rationale, Alta2 can factor in the differences in loudness perception, optimizing the listening experience of soft sounds. The Alta2 also has new dedicated programs to support difficult listening situations, which are a challenge for most hearing aid users.

The Alta2 family  has a broad style range ,from compact In-the-Ear options, to a broad palette of Behind-the-Ear styles to match your hair color and skin tone. This includes the new compact miniRITE style, which sits even more discreetly on the ear.  Alta2 targets severe-to-profound hearing losses.

Contact us today to experience the Alta2 to see how it can help your hearing.