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If we do recommend hearing aids, we do have hearing devices to fit every budget and every ear.

You may also be surprised to learn:     

1. Hearing aids are virtually invisible. Today’s hearing aids are discreet and comfortable.

2. They provide a natural sound quality that surpasses any technology we have had in the past.

3. Hearing aids automatically adjust to all kinds of soundscapes. The directional microphones have made hearing aids far more versatile than ever before!

4. Today’s hearing aids connect with smartphones, televisions/home entertainment systems and other electronics. If a new smartphone is on your wish list this holiday season, your new hearing aids should be able to connect directly to it.

Don’t miss a single sound this holiday season! 

If you schedule an appointment for an evaluation now, you will be hearing in time to enjoy your favorite family gatherings & holiday events.

Set Up Your Holiday Hearing Evaluation

It is hard to believe that the holidays are already here. When we gather with friends and family for the holidays, we’re often in large, noisy groups. With all of that laughter and music playing in the background, the situation can be frustrating. While some may find that festive, if your hearing isn’t at its best, you could feel just the opposite. 

Now is the time to act and not let another joyous holiday season slip by. Why miss out on what your family might be visiting or laughing about?

The first step to hearing health and wellness is to recognize that you may have a hearing loss, and schedule time with a hearing professional to have a hearing evaluation. During this time, we will take an extensive look at your hearing and work with you to create a plan to help you hear better and enjoy life.

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