What people have to say about International Hearing Systems:

“You are wonderful and caring professionals who went the extra mile to insure my satisfaction for which I am grateful. “
 Charlotte Henry ~ Hartly, DE

“I, Captain Wade H. Murphy Jr., have been coming to see Mark Harrison for 10 years and as my hearing gets worse, Mark has helped me just about every time I visit him.”
Captain Wade H. Murphey Jr ~ Tilghman, MD

“Service has been extremely courteous. When I need their services, it is on time and in a professional manner.”
Dr. Venkataramana,M.D. ~ Lewes, DE

When asked, “What’s your favorite sound?”, our patients have said:

  • My husband’s laughter
  • The waves crashing on the shore
  • My grandchildren singing along to the radio
  • My dogs playing and barking in the yard
  • The crickets chirping in the evening
  • Teeing off the first hole!

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Hearing Aid Sales & Service in Owings Mills

international Hearing Systems Hearing Aid Sales & Service

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