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The Better Hearing Institute (BHI), founded in 1973, conducts research & engages in hearing health education with the goal of helping people with hearing loss benefit from proper treatment.
BHI and International Hearing Systems are encouraging adults of all ages to take the free, quick, and confidential online BHI Hearing Check at Anyone can take the online survey to determine if they need a comprehensive hearing test by a hearing health professional.
Nearly 40 million people in the United States today have hearing loss. Most of them are part of America’s current workforce. Hearing loss affects Gen Xers, baby boomers, and people of all ages.
Most doctors do not include hearing health as a routine part of regular exams.  It's important to ask to have your hearing tested by a hearing care professional. Once you reach middle-age, it is important to include hearing tests as part of your routine annual care.  May is Better Hearing & Speech Month and we encourage all to have their hearing checked to see how they are doing.

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Better Hearing & Speech Month

Identify the signs of hearing loss and learn how you can learn more about hearing health.

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