We have been in business for the last 14 years, proudly serving the Maryland and Delaware communities. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our patients keep returning. We look forward to your patronage. 

Our primary goal is your auditory rehabilitation. 

Our testing procedures are as follows: 

We provide visual otoscopic view of your ear canal and tympanic membrane (ear drum); you can see it on our LED screen for yourself. This procedure allows you and our professionals to perceive if cerumen (ear wax) is causing your problem or if there is something irregular with your tympanic membrane or ear canal. We then provide pure tone audio-metric screeningbone conduction analysis in order to verify the potential or possibility of a medical condition, and speech discrimination to asses central auditory response. Weber testing and tone decay testing are utilized when necessary.

International hearing systems uses the latest in technology, visual speech mapping, to scientifically authenticate each hearing aid fitting. It allows us to observe, on a computer screen, exactly what your hearing equipment is delivering to your tympanic membrane (ear drum). Visual speech mapping provides you with a perfect prescription hearing aid fit. This procedure is just one aspect of our commitment of continued service to aid you in your auditory rehabilitation. 

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We are providers of most major insurance companies including:  Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, United Health Care, Care First, Blue Choice, and others.
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